Desi Cow Ghee – 2200/KG

    Cow Ghee – Goodness of the Indigenous Unsaturated Fat

    Indian cuisine and Indian culture go hand in hand. Irrespective of the specific location, the use of cow ghee is extremely prevalent. No matter what, be it cooking or while certain Hindu rituals, farm fresh cow ghee is preferred like anything. Having said that, the availability of desi cow ghee is quite a challenge right now.

    With a scintillating market in dairy products, the chances of getting desi cow ghee is getting lesser and lesser. As far as delivery in Hyderabad is concerned, a huge number of suppliers in Hyderabad deal with the home delivery of desi cow ghee. However, doubt clouds in whenever the quality of the ghee is in question.

    A2 Cow ghee, or the cow ghee made from the milk of indigenous cows or desi cows is in impeccable demand in any market, particularly in Hyderabad. With very few options in hand, the best gir cow ghee is there for you in store.

    Plus Points of Desi Cow Ghee

    The use of cow ghee is unprecedented. Be it in the kitchen or in the temple of any house, desi ghee is used extensively. Having said that, people prefer to go for the purest of quality before using the same in cooking or offering their prayers to God.

    Purchasing cow ghee wasn’t necessarily a thing back in the day. A couple of decades or two ago, people used to prepare their own cow ghee with the help of milk, either purchased from a nearby vendor or milking their own cattle in their backyard or farms.

    However, with the rapid urbanisation and non-availability of time, this concept started dying down in the urban areas. People are just interested in making the purchase of cow ghee through a vendor. The market grew and everyone started making their best efforts to get it done.

    There are multiple health benefits to cow ghee. Those are as follows:

    • It improves the digestive system of the said individual
    • Contains a highly vital Vitamin K2
    • Enhances the bone strength of the consumer
    • Maintains a healthy weight with a healthy intake
    • Cow ghee is a fabulous medicine to deal with external wounds
    • Eating cow ghee improves an out-of-focus eyesight etc

    These are like the simplest of the simple health benefits when it comes to cow ghee. Now, the difference between normal ghee and desi cow ghee or A2 Cow ghee is that the latter depends on a lot of things. Naturally, ghee can be made of any type of milk.

    In case of A2 cow ghee, these conditions are met, in general:

    • A2 Cow ghee is made from the milk of Desi Cows that have been grass fed only and depend purely on nothing else
    • The presence of middlemen is not a reality in any stretch of imagination
    • Milk gathered from own cattle is taken into consideration
    • Desi cows, especially gir cows are milked with proper humane methods

    With multiple benefits as such, cow ghee suppliers in Hyderabad are there for the finest of qualities of the Indigenous Unsaturated Fat that will help you in your dietary as well as your religious endeavours. Desi Cow Ghee for Life!

    Desi cow ghee delivery in Hyderabad

    Ksheera Organics delivers farm fresh pure desi cow ghee in Hyderabad from our own farm! Once we receive order from, we will contact customer for confirmation and deliver within 1-3 days. There is no extra delivery cost.

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