Our story

Ksheera Organics is an exciting farm that meets an unsatisfied need for fresh quality milk.

The first edge is quality. We pride on producing high-quality standard of milk.
Milch buffaloes and cows are taken extreme care and cattle with any hint of ailment or sickness will be taken off production until its completely recovered from the problem.
We aim to be the trusted brand known for its uncompromising quality and healthy lifestyle.
We are highly obsessed when it comes to the purity of the product range that we offer.

What makes us stay apart from other dairy farms –
-> We don’t pool milk from third parties.
-> We raise the cattle on our own in our very own farm.
-> We grow our own green and dry fodder for feeding cattle.

Cattle is provided with great space for movement and free grazing is often encouraged.
Ksheera Organics also controls its own supply chain right from source to the door of the customer.
With this we have complete control and visibility on the chain of work while cutting down the risks of middleman.

And we are growing precisely over demand.

 15 Cows
30 Buffalos
32 Calves
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