Our story

Like everyone else, they have a fantasy to live their fantasy yet how vigorous you are to fulfill it. We have the energy for buffalos, cows and the job of organizing organic dairy farms. We have faith in providing an unadulterated life, and then we now need to offer an unadulterated life to society. Ksheera Organic dairy farming is a fantasy undertaking were to think Pure, providing unadulterated and creating unadulterated is the sole saying of the business.

We treat every animal that is special to us. They are allowed to move around, to clean themselves, to drink water and tattle with their neighbors. We have rebuilt and honored the outstanding cows and buffalos at the Ksheera Organics Dairy Ranch with the aim of giving you the premium Milk in Hyderabad, which has been distributed to our superior consumers by means of home transport.

Certified procedures and worldwide robotic standard machines allow us to fill each of the benefits of ranch crisp milk in the packets. Hold up for a while, just as this method ensures the least significant cell check and all-out bacterial count that ensures proper assimilation of children and shields from intestinal aggravation.

And we are growing precisely over demand.

 15 Cows
30 Buffalos
32 Calves
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