I cant set good dahi with the milk. Its quite runny. Why is that so?


Firstly, the milk available in the market has certain percentage of Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) mixed,hence you get curd very thick and creamy (chakka kind of), because of the powder content in the milk Ksheera Organics milk is 100% farm fresh, direct from the udder, so there is natural Solids Not Fat (SNF)
which is relatively low in comparison to conventional milk brands Setting curd with Ksheera Organics milk is altogether different thing vis-à-vis conventional brands. When you put Ksheera Organics milk for boiling/heating (while setting curd) make sure that you put/mix culture when the milk is about 5 minutes away from boiling and then maintain the temperature of the utensil

Don’t use readymade curd (pouch/cup/matki etc.) as culture, either use the curd or Chaach (Butter Milk)
made from Ksheera Organics Milk

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