What differentiates your products from the rest of the products in the market, whether it’s the local dairy or the branded milk products?


Most dairies source the milk which they sell. Poorly fed animals are milked, then the milk often lies for hours in the open and is finally transferred to cans that reach the collection centre. Here, milk is transferred to a chilling centre, often subject to power shortages. The milk will then make a long journey, braving the Indian climate, to the processing tank at the dairy where it is then packaged into plastic pouches and placed in distributor cases, waiting for agents to pick them up. Not only is the milk reaching you days later, you don't even know what you are drinking is cow milk or not.

Our control from fodder to milk to packaging to delivery is one the key factors:

We use the best quality fodder and ensure only the milk from our healthy animals is packed and
delivered to your home.

We don’t process the milk – thus providing purest and freshest form of milk to our subscriber.

FSSAI and news media surveys have constantly highlighted heavy use of hormones (to increase cattle
yield) and adulterants in milk across India and the problem being more rampant. Our assurance with
Ksheera Organics milk is to consistently ensure that these harmful substances are never present and
continuously checked for in the milk.

We don’t use preservatives (Formalin), which is likely to be present in milk from local dairy vendors and
big brands

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