Fresh milk from farm to door step in few hours


We are located at distance where you won’t experience a chaotic trafic sounds. Our farm is located in a serene landscape where cattle and ourselves feel heavenly. Cattle felt good produces feel good nutritious milk. Unlike the big brands of milk we do not pool milk from other farmers where cattle feed, health and milking methods are not monitored. We house a single breed of desi-cows (Gir) and buffaloes (Murrah) housed in our own farm. The farm grown fodder and well-being of the cattle is monitored under supervision of trained veterinarians at all times.

Own farm


we do implement regular checks on cattle health, fodder management and bottle cleaning process. We employ stringent actions on the checks for any trace of chemicals, pesticides or toxins.

Quality control


We at Ksheera Organics is all about the cleanliness. We ensure our cattle sheds and cattle are washed multiple times during the day. We do not milk un-healthy cattle until they are perfectly cured and good enough for consumption.

Milking conditions


Milk is packed in pouches by an automatic filling machine. The pouches are sealed at the farm to ensure that milk is delivered in tamper proof state. 



Milk pouches will be sent in insulated bags from farm to our hubs. Dispatches are done to your household within 3-4 hours.


Boiling is recommended within 90 minutes of receipt

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